BIM 360 Field for iPhones App Reviews

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Not even free

The phone version is useless, can’t take or upload pictures, if you’re thinking about downloading bim 360 field for iPhone don’t you remove it faster than you install it


The crappier, less functional version of their lackluster iPad app. No equipment groups. Copied checklists do not attach to their source and thus do not sync properly to the BIM server. I didn’t get further into its dysfunctional performance because I don’t have the time to waste on something so incandescently useless. Auto Desk are in desperate need of qualified app developers for the desktop and mobile versions of this abysmal program. Delete.

👍 from project management perspective

Autodesk Keep up the good work geolocation feature is a must now with BIM capabilities, hopefully we can see it in the next version update.

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